Was Muhammad the “False Prophet” Jesus Warned About?

22 October, 2019
Q Jesus warned us not to trust people like Muhammad. How do you know he wasn't one of the false prophets that Jesus warned us about?


Short Answer: Of course not. There are several ways in which Prophet Muhammad proved to be a true prophet sent by God, including the fact that his revelation cost him something and made his life incredibly difficult.

Asalaamu alaykum and thank you for this question.

First, please have a look at this article I wrote which answered the question of why Prophet Muhammad came to us after Jesus had risen to the Heavens.

Who Are False Prophets?

Coming now to false prophets, Jesus said, according to the Bible (NIV):

“They worship me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men.” (Matthew 15:9)

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.” (Matthew 7:15)

“For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect—if that were possible.” (Matthew 24:24)

“For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform signs and miracles to deceive the elect—if that were possible.” (Mark 13:22)

There are two categories of false prophets:

  1. Claimants following their own fancies and whims, seeking worldly gains of prestige, authority, or wealth.
  2. Prominent personalities, over-magnified by their followers, who raise them to the status of prophets or semi-gods.

Of the first category are those who invented or changed a creed without authority or supporting evidence from God.

Examples are Paul and others, then followed by the Church, which reformulated Christianity against what Jesus stood for.

Similarly in Islamic history, several claimants sought to ruin Islam from within, forming deviant sects like Qadianis, Baha’is and extreme Shiite sects such as the Ismailis.

The second category includes several philosophers, scientists, clergy, and leaders, etc., who were considered almost inviolable prophets to be believed and followed unquestionably.

Examples are Greek philosophers, Marx, Lenin, Darwin, Saints, Roman emperors and their modern counterparts of the so-called New World Order.

True versus False Prophets

Here are some criteria for a true prophet:

  1. He should bring signs or proofs that are far beyond human capacity.
  2. His message should be shown to emanate from outside himself.
  3. He should carry his mission to the end in spite of all obstacles.
  4. His message would be supported by God in victory over his enemies.

Prophet Muhammad’s Sign and Proof: The Quran

Applying these criteria to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), we find that the main proof he presented is a living miracle, the eternal word of God: the Quran.

The Arabic text of the Quran challenges all generations to produce anything as perfect or splendorous.

Even the Prophet’s own sayings (Hadith) are very different from the Quran.

Also, the scientific precision of Quranic references to natural phenomena, as well as the wisdom of its decrees, are far beyond the human knowledge and culture at the time of revelation and for several centuries to follow.

The Revelation: Revealed Outside of Prophet Muhammad

The message and text of the Quran did not emanate from within, but from outside, the Prophet Muhammad.

This can be proved by the way he was addressed in that extraordinary Book.

The Quran repeatedly reminded and drew the attention of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to his obligations towards Allah, the revelation, the believers, and the unbelievers.

Please read the Quran 75:16-18, 20:114, 87:6-7, 10:109 and 10:15-16.

God Rebuked Him, Revealed His Private Feelings

He was also repeatedly exhorted and warned against yielding to the temptations and pressures that were surrounding him.

Please read the Quran: 17:73-75, 13:37-38, 5:49, 2:145, 2:120, 5:67, 6:14, 6:114, 11:112, 15:88, 68:48 and 72: 21-22.

In addition, the Quran included admonitions that were directed to the noble Prophet (peace be upon him) in some situations.

Please read the Quran: 4:105-109, 9:43, 9:117, 9:113, 6:52, 8:67-68, 66:1 and 80:1-11.

Sometimes the Quran revealed matters that he would have preferred to keep secret in the depths of his pure soul. Please read the Quran: 33:37.

It is difficult for a sound mind to imagine that the noble Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) would address himself with the aim of guidance, exhortation, warning, and admonishment, or would reveal things about himself that he would not like other people to know about.

God Revealed His Verses At Inopportune Times

Also, it is difficult to believe that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) would, after doing that, convey to the people the Quran, which would never be abrogated, deleted, or forgotten.

Occasionally, the revelation was delayed for weeks or months, despite the urgent need of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to refute the hypocrites and the slanderers.

Examples for this are the Quranic verses 24:11-17 and 93:1-3.

The Prophet even used his own discretion in interpreting some verses, until revelation was sent down contradicting his opinion.

An example of this is verses 9:80-84.

Prophet Muhammad Suffered Severely To Deliver His Message

The Prophet delivered the revealed message and fought for it, against all odds.

His whole twenty-three years of prophethood were years of hardships.

In the first thirteen years he and his followers were persecuted, tortured, and boycotted by the pagans of Makkah.

He refused all offers of kingdom, wealth, or reconciling his message with their pagan beliefs.

The following ten years, after immigration to Madinah, witnessed a harsh continuous struggle to spread the faith, with incessant fighting against the hostilities of Arab tribes and Madinah Jews, as well as the preludes to confrontation with the great Roman and Persian Empires.

His personal life was the simplest and most ascetic of his contemporaries.

God Supported His Message

Allah supported him and his few early followers with unexpected victories in spite of their poverty, physical weakness, and military and technical inexperience.

His message was supported and spread to every corner of the world in a brief time.

No human being could have such a biography unless he is a true messenger of God, and truly he was.

Allah rewards him for what he honestly delivered and for his striving for the salvation of all nations and generations.

I hope that you now have your puzzlement resolved. Thank you and please keep in touch.


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