With What Do You Fill the Holes in Your Heart?

God has created every single one of us with a hole in our hearts. Sometimes we fill it with our husbands, our wives, or our children. Sometimes we fill it with technology, a new car, a degree, a sense of self worship like, “I want to be successful, I’m the man, I’m the powerful…”

But, when we do that, we have another hole in our heart, and another one, and another one…

Fill the Holes with God’s Love

But the moment you fill that hole with the love of God, you won’t have any holes left. And, you might be poor, you might have no dignity according to other people’s perception, you might not look right, you might not speak right… If you unwrap yourself with all of this linguistic wrapping like, “I’m Pakistani, I’m Jewish, I’m Caucasian, I’m a businessman, I’m a teacher…” you’d find the love of God and you have true peace in your life.

So, for that hold God’s love. It’s like the boat in the ocean. You know, the boat floats nicely and doesn’t sink on the ocean as long as the water is not in the boat. The boat is our hearts; the ocean is the ephemeral world. The more the water of the ocean is in our hearts, it will sink. It doesn’t mean you can’t be successful, of course be successful, but just align your heart in the right way.

Keep with the Quran

I beg you to just read the Quran. It is the spiritual medicine because the Quran aims to break the ego; because the ego is the barrier to divine love.

That’s why sometimes even if you’re not Muslim and you read the Quran, like I was a non-Muslim about ten years ago, when I read the Quran, I was like: “Oh my God who is this person? I don’t want to worship this person, I don’t want to love this person; He wants me to do things just for Him, but I want to do things for me!”

By God, someone told me before I was Muslim in my living room:

“We don’t do things for other people, or for ourselves, or our ego… We do things for God.”

I nearly fell sick! And that was my arrogance. The Quran was giving me the medicine; it was shaping me because the Quran makes you wake up to reality and says: “You think you are someone, you think you’re self-sufficient, but you were a drop of fluid from a drop of semen.”

The Quran talks about birth and the cycle of life: you were a baby, you couldn’t keep your neck up, you couldn’t even wipe your own backside; you could even feed yourself and you think you could take over the whole world?


And the Quran also says:

Every soul is going to taste death.

You are going to meet your master. Be ready!

It’s so simple: when you love the world, you lose real love; when you love Allah, you gain absolute love.

God wants to liberate your minds; He wants to free you from this slavery and liberate your hearts.