Allah Will Cure Your Heart, Turn to Him

Darkness in the heart brings sadness; darkness in the heart brings depression and stress. But light (nur) brings happiness; light brings comfort; it brings calmness and tranquility.

We have the wrong understanding of comfort and tranquility. We think that money is happiness, and we think that power is happiness; but no one is happy with just money and fame.

We hear every single day that the richest people commit suicide. Why? The most famous people are on drugs. Why? If they’re happy, why do they go on drugs for? If they’re happy with the money, why do they commit suicide?

Dunya is their worry. Dunya is their stress and concern.

Please Allah, He Will Cure Your Heart

But as a believer, your concern every single day is how to please Allah. You sleep the best sleep, you wake up the best, you eat the best, and your heart is the best.

When you please Allah, He puts happiness in your heart. When you please Allah, He makes you content and brings you satisfaction. And when you please Allah, He makes you happy, He relieves your stress and takes away your depression. Allah will make you concern at matters that are worthy to be concerned.

Turn to Him, He Will Cure Your Heart

There are moments that we are stressed, and our only way of happiness and relieving stress from us is to please Allah.

Turn to Allah and He will turn to you. Be with Allah, and Allah will be with you. Do the righteous deeds and actions and Allah will give you happiness.

If you are stressed, fear Allah and He will make an opening for you.

If you are stuck in a problem, fear Allah and Allah will take you out of that problem. And if you are depressed, fear Allah and Allah will make an opening for you out of that depression. Rely on Allah and Allah will grant you everything.