FAST Reminder: If You Get Your Mind over It, You Can Defeat It

Isn’t it amazing that just because Allah told us not to eat, not to drink, and not to have relations with spouse in Ramadan, that we’re able to leave these desires?

Isn’t it amazing that just because Allah said that, we’re able to do mind over matter?

There’s a lesson and good practice we can take from that for the rest of the year When Ramadan is over and breakfast is late

Remember that if you get your mind over it, you can defeat it. If you put your mind to it, you can overcome whatever challenge that you had.

This is one of the great lessons in Ramadan. We’re leaving the things that are halal, things that are permissible, because Allah told us to do it.

So not only will that prove to us that we have the capability, with Allah’s help, to leave thing that are impermissible, but it even tells us that there are things that are permissible for us that we let determine how happy, or sad or angry we are.

I didn’t have my morning coffee, so I go into work and I’m foul to my employees. I didn’t have breakfast, so I’m rude to my kids. I didn’t have “x” so I’m mean to “y” person.

Mind over matter! It’s a powerful lesson from Ramadan.

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