FUNNY | 5 Mistakes When Correcting Others

Good intentions are not enough. Sometimes you offer a sincere advice to a Muslim brother or sister, but the way you present the advice may be not so friendly; correcting others my alienate them rather than attract their attention to the right path.

Allah Almighty says, {Invite (people) to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good admonition. And argue with them in the best of manners} (An-Nahl 16:125)

Avoid These Mistakes When Correcting Others:

5 mistakes could damage your advice and render it useless. Below is a summary of them and you can learn about them in this humorous video:

1. Hammer time: Forcing brothers to follow deen will not make them last long.

2. Dumb question: No question is a dumb question; we were all at a stage where we didn’t know.

3. Shame sandwich: Embarrassing someone will not get them to change; advise him privately and gently.

4. No questions! Learn about Islam so you can answer your kids, otherwise they’ll learn from un-reliable sources.

5. Haraam, haraam and haram: You can’t cuss someone and then expect them to learn from you.*