Dr. Yasir Qadhi: Rethinking Islamic Education

There was a time when Islamic Scholarship was a leading torch bearer of knowledge and a shining example to the world. The, scholars of this Ummah mastered both the secular and religious sciences and the leaders of this world would look towards the Muslim Scholars for guidance in both religious and secular knowledge.

Today, however, there seems to be a huge disconnect between the Muslim scholars and the world that we live in. Our scholars have mastered the sciences of AqeedahTafsir,Fiqh and Hadith but have very limited knowledge of the secular issues and daily challenges that the Ummah faces. Thus, it is no strange that they are unable to provide adequate answers and solutions to the burning questions of the youth and the insecurities of the masses.

In this talk Sheikh Dr. Yasir Qadhi revives the legacy of the Muslims scholars and highlights the importance of studying both religious and secular knowledge in order to bring about effective change in our communities.

In this video:

– Two meanings of Iqraa’ (first revelation)

– Consequences of religious/secular knowledge dichotomy

– Scholars lacking world sciences: Why?

– Who is a true  Faqih?

– Islamic scholarship is a stigma?

– Google is enough to make a religious scholar?