Rekindle Your Ramadan Passion Through Week Two!

After the first week of Ramadan, the high curve of spirituality, zeal and passion that mark the first days Ramadan begins to abate.

We start to lag behind when the time of prayer comes; our attention and focus during salah seems harder to maintain, and somehow that keenness to focus and reflect on our Qu’ran recitation begins to slip away.

I remember one time reading that it was significant to remember that you are not only chasing a spiritual high, but running after Allah the one true God.

So renew your intentions. Any Muslim looking solely to emulate a spiritual high will be disappointed when the intoxication wears off post-Ramadan. The “high” is the blessing one gets for seeking Allah, but the minute you stop seeking Him, it’s downhill from there.

In Islam, Allah the Almighty is always blessing us with opportunities to return to Him after doing something wrong or lacking. We should remember that we are humans and that we will err. Only Allah is perfect.

So, even if one week of Ramadan is over, we still have another chance.

Here are a few tips to rekindle the passion and flame

1. Recognize the Problem

To address the problem of spiritual dryness, you need to know what it is. Here are some manifestations of it:

– Failing to recognize that we are becoming washed out

– Disregarding that Allah is the solution to our need

– Inability to connect with Allah

– We feel empty or weary and our inner tank is running dry

2. Make Supplications

Remember it was Allah the Almighty who gave you the strength and ability to begin the good habits in the first week of Ramadan.

Only He can help you maintain it for the rest of the month. Call on Allah the Almighty to help you not only maintain the habits, but ask for His acceptance of your efforts, and make it a way for you to grow closer to Him.

By the grace of Allah, you can do something about spiritual dryness. You can maintain the level present during the first week of Ramadan.

For inspiration, recall previous times during the week where you had felt close to Allah or encountered Him in a significant way


3. Ask for help

In an extreme case of dryness, we need the help and support of others. Ask a friend to help you retain the level. What are friends for anyway?

Make full use of a close friend or a family member; one you feel you can share your Ramadan worshiping habits with. Call on them to encourage you to continue while keeping tabs on you while they’re at it.

This will not only encourage you, but will deepen your brotherhood and sisterhood, as well. Who knows, maybe having the courage to align your life with Allah’s priorities will inspire others who are feeling this, to do the same.

This may include:

– Being honest

– Asking for prayer

– Receiving assistance

In the process, understand that this is not a sign of weakness, but of strength.

4. Take a moment to breathe

Before we fix our DVD, we have to stop the playback. Before we fill up our car’s gas tank, we have to turn off the engine.

While I am not suggesting that recharging our soul requires us to quit all activity and sit still for an hour; I do suggest we need to hit pause on some of our activity, if only for 10 minutes.

Realize that your mind needs to be free to go to Allah the Almighty; in the midst of this dryness, offer praise and thanksgiving to Him that you were able to maintain this level of spiritual wellness during the first days of Ramadan.

Do not let your feelings rob you of the opportunity to praise and thank Him even when the times are not so great.

Remember, it is easy to praise Allah when things go well. However, true believers praise Him through the trials as well.

5. Do not be disappointed by mistakes and setbacks

The beauty of repentance in Islam is that Allah the Almighty blesses us with opportunity to always return to Him after doing something less than we normally would.

We should remember that we are humans and that we will make mistakes. We should hasten to do good deeds during the rest of the month. Maybe these good deeds will compensate the lost days of our life.

Do not forget Ramadan is the month when our sins are forgiven, our prayers are answered, and our good deeds are multiplied. We would be terribly mistaken not to take advantage of it.

As we train in Ramadan to do many deeds of righteousness that fill our heart with emotions, we should continue doing these throughout the year. After all, we know that The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said,

Take up good deeds only as much as you are able, for the best deeds are those done regularly even if they are few.” (Sunan Ibn Mājah)

During this month, remember Allah’s promise, if we patiently persevere, Allah the Almighty will guide us, thus making our paths easier.

Although it may sound difficult now, giving up the things that take us away from Allah the Almighty will get easier every day, until it becomes natural.

It is in man’s innate nature to seek Allah the Almighty, so it cannot be so hard after all. Allah says in a Qudsi Hadith:

He who draws closer to me by a hand’s span, I will draw closer to him by an arm’s length.” [Bukhari]

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