Satan Vows to Destroy You… And Allah Responds

In one hadith, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) recounts how Satan dared to challenge Allah Almighty, vowing that he will work tirelessly to lead humans astray until they breathe their last.

What was the response of Allah Almighty?

It was an amazing and awe-inspiring reply: “By My Might and Majesty, I will continue to pardon them so long as they continue to seek My forgiveness.

How wonderful; how generous and how refreshing this promise is!

Obviously, if the whole humanity disobeys Allah, it will in no way harm Him; He is able to throw all the disobedient in Hell Fire. However, He makes it clear to Satan, the enemy of each and every human being, that all his evil tricks and all the insidious plots he devices to tempt humans are foiled by the limitless Mercy of Allah Who warmly welcomes His returning servants.

Join Imam Omar Suleiman in this highly inspiring talk; it is really heartening to hear about the vast Kindness and Mercy of the Most Merciful.

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