Last Days of Ramadan – Time to Reflect and Grow

You’ve got time to reflect now.

Our everyday lives are so full of engagement with different media – news and sports on TV, catching up with our latest Netflix series, social media on our phones.

Even smartwatches now that push notifications from your phone to your wrist – attention from our minds and hearts are being competed for.

Time to Reflect

During Ramadan, we put away a lot of the distractions out of a sense of respect for this blessed month. We find ourselves now with a lot of quiet time.

This is the time for us to reflect, to do what Allah frequently mentions in the Qur’an.

It is also a time to think deeply about the real questions of our existence.


Grow Spiritually

During the times of quiet we have this Ramadan, increase your spiritual growth by engaging in the act of worship known as “reflection.”

Join Br AbdelRahman Murphy in this episode of #instagramadan.