Overwhelmed with Sorrow? Check This Advice

Why do you look so sad? What is the point of sorrow in your life? Are you living your life or just surviving?

People may laugh and play, but does that mean they don’t harbor sorrow and regret? If all the world continually grumbled about their problems, the world would be overcome with sorrow and discomfort. In such a climate could mankind survive? Could mankind develop?

But what if man were to look at himself inwardly, just like looking into a mirror—reflecting his sorrow with that of man’s history from the beginning of time. Consider the short years you spend in this life and look again at how short is the time of sorrow compared with that of happiness and contentment.

What you need to do is get rid of the sorrow in your heart; cast it away and start finding ways to make you happy. Strength comes with the ability to feel content in the midst of trouble, frustration, and turmoil. But where does that innate happiness come from?

Allah created you, and He also created sorrow as a reflection of happiness. Through sorrow we appreciate joy, just like we comprehend coolness through knowing warmth.

Sometimes man thinks he can do everything, that he can be perfect. Man fluctuates between underestimating himself and overestimating himself, rarely appreciating his true condition. Wisdom is built from experience, but how many times do we run away from mistakes that are the seeds of wisdom?

Learn to roll with life’s punches and learn from your Lord about yourself, about life, and about what He wants from you, His creature. If you run away from your mistakes, this will simply lead you to make more. Let your heart be attached to the Almighty, Who is the Infallible, the All-Knowing. Then you will know yourself and begin to grow.

If you spend your life blaming yourself for everything that happens, you are guilty of denying the role of destiny in your life; you are also guilty of blaming your Lord for creating certain circumstances!

Do we, tiny creatures that we are, possibly comprehend the wisdom of the Creator? Mankind sees through a narrow vision of life: we cannot perceive what others perceive; we cannot see life in its overall beauty. So why do we complain, blame, and feel hopeless?

Overwhelming sorrow is destructive, and uncontrollable sadness is disastrous. These things are tools in the hands of Satan to control mankind and lead him, unawares, to his destruction. Happiness, on the other hand, is distributed by the angels, so take your share and give it to others—then indeed, it will again be returned to you.

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Excessive weeping over a problem or sorrow is a sign of dissatisfaction with your Lord. It is natural for mankind to experience a variety of emotions and, indeed, this is what makes him unique; but wallowing in these emotions will certainly destroy us. Allah the Almighty has called on us to rein in these emotions and make them follow a positive and beautiful channel.

And at times of grief, it is the ultimate test to wade through negativity and hopelessness and squeeze the following words out of your mouth: “From Allah we come and to Him we shall return.” At that moment of submission your soul will be set free from the sadness that threatens to swallow you up.

Truly in the remembrance of the Lord do the hearts find rest.