How to Gain Love of Allah and People

How to win both the love of Allah and also the love of people?

That was the question which one of the Companions asked the Prophet about, a question that every Muslim should aspire to know and a goal worth of seeking.

The keyword to answer this question, as the Prophet made it clear, is Zuhd:

Renounce (have zuhd in) the world and Allah will love you, and renounce what the people possess and people will love you

But does that mean setting idle and exerting no effort to make a living or to accumulate wealth? Is it possible to be rich and, at the same time, implement the guidance in the above hadith? Dr. Imad Bayoun answers this question and shed light on the

In this Video

  • Type of questions asked by the Companions
  • What Zuhd stand for
  • Paradise vs. the world
  • Money: in hand or in heart?