5 Tips for Better Use of Summer Time

Editor’s note: This article is from our archive. It provides great tips for Summer time. Some of them might be difficult nowadays due to COVID-19 precautions. Still, there are some good alternatives in the article.

Summer is here again!

Most school and university students have finished their exams and started their summer vacation. Plans, dreams, and aspirations of how to spend this vacation are on the minds of young people. But the question is, are these plans beneficial for you and the community in which you live?

The first thing you should do when preparing for your summer plans is to ask yourself: What should I do for myself and my community? Making your goals clear will sure help in deciding on which activities to do.

It is also important to think about last summer and whether you spent your time to develop yourself; doing so will help you avoid any previous drawbacks or unproductive experiences.

Tips for Summer Time

For many young people, the main activities during summer time are either Internet, whether chatting or surfing websites, watching TV, and hanging out with friends. Eventually, they get bored; the same activities being repeated day after day.

Consequently, they start their new school or university year more on the pessimistic and apathetic side. These young people wasted their summer time doing nothing! And instead of improving their skills, they dampened their spirits.

Double-Edged Weapon

Watching TV and surfing the Internet might be beneficial if used in a proper way. For instance, you may watch an Islamic program that can enrich your knowledge about Islam. You can also watch a program that helps you be more knowledgeable, open-minded, creative, and innovative.

The Internet can also be useful in various ways, such as creating a blog in which you can post beneficial articles that encourage charity work and other good deeds.

Establishing a group on a popular website (like Facebook, for instance) that includes names and contacts of various charitable and developmental organizations and a brief about each one’s activities is another way to use the Internet positively.

Time to Learn the Qur’an

Many people reach the age of 30 without even knowing how to correctly read the Qur’an. Perhaps they reached a high level of education, obtained a master’s degree, or can speak several languages, but they still do not have time to learn Almighty Allah’s Book!

The masjid or Islamic center near your home, as well as other places, can help you learn how to read the Qur’an properly. You can gather a group of your friends and start to learn Almighty Allah’s Book together. One of the most significant merits of going with your friends, especially the righteous ones, is that good company encourages continuing good work and never quitting it.W

Even if going to the masjid or a nearby Islamic center is not an option, there are various websites that teach the right way to recite the Qur’an, and they also assist you in comprehending its meanings. But keep in mind that the best way to learn correct recitation of the Qur’an is by learning it directly from a flesh-and-blood mentor.

Your Chance for Charity

Although taking part in charitable activities should be done throughout the whole year, summer is a particularly good opportunity for doing so. Many of us supposedly have some time to spare. So, for those who have never been involved in charity work, let’s start from this summer!  There are a lot of charitable and developmental activities all over the world, in which you can volunteer.

You can make a “charitable schedule” for yourself in order to be more organized. This schedule can include your weekly charity activities, such as visiting an orphanage or underprivileged area, or buying medicine for the needy.

Participating in these charitable activities will enhance your social and communication skills. It will also help you be more open-minded and sympathetic to others’ needs.

Summer Training

At the beginning of every summer, several universities, Islamic centers, and developmental associations start to announce their summer training programs and workshops, such as leadership and problem-solving ones. Both of these are areas that a lot of youth desperately need development in.

Such training programs are a great chance for young people to develop themselves and improve their capabilities. So, it is important not to waste this summer by failing to enrich your skills; find a course you like and take it!

Increase Your General Knowledge

Reading is one of the best ways of gaining knowledge in many fields of life. Unfortunately, several youth only read their textbooks. So, they best master knowledge within the domain of their study and lack basic information on other issues.

Therefore, summer is a good time for young people to enrich their knowledge in fileds other than their own field of study.

Getting Organized

Summer might be over in no time. Make sure you set a plan for the things you want to get done.

This plan should include time for entertainment, as well as activities that can improve your skills and enhance your self-respect.

Let’s decide that this summer will be a new start for all of us, in terms of doing charity work as well as increasing our social skills, spirituality, and knowledge.

Let’s say together, “It’s a new summer with a new, different start!”