3 Graves or Doors to Paradise? Amazing Story

“I am looking at three graves in front of me,” said the heart-broken husband.

“Rather, I see three doors to Paradise,” replied his wife with patience and faith.

Sharing an inspirational story about a family who had three kids with fatal diseae, Sister Yasmin Mogahed explains that if Allah helps us we will be able to handle even the hardest of challenges.

While trials and tribulations are exhausting, ease and hardships aren’t just about what we are given in life but are about the state of our heart.

So, what is the significance of gratitude?

What are the effects of social support for families with special need children?

Listen to this amazing video and learn how important the responsibility of the community is in these difficult situations. Many times the Muslim community inadvertently alienates and ostracizes these families instead of providing support and care.

A must-see video full of lessons for all; whether you are going through difficult times or leading a life of ease and luxury you will find something to relate with in this short speech.

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