The Man of Two Gardens (Story)

A wonderful explanation of the story of the man of two gardens as recounted in Surat Al-Kahf. Ustaz Nouman Khan connects the events of the story with today’s life and comes up with lessons and idea that you will relate to.

In this Video:

  • Pushing children to achieve success is a universal human attitude; communities around the globe tend to have the same vision and definition of success.
  • A conversation between a well-to-do man and his less-fortunate neighbor.
  • Verses of Qur’an dedicated to the description of the wealthy man’s assets: What does that indicate?
  • Implicit ways of boasting about one’s wealth and despising others.
  • A source of corruption: wealthy people imposing their style as a standard on poor people
  • Why people avoid thinking about the hereafter?
  • Does a huge wealth indicate that Allah loves you?