When You Lose Sight of Allah (Illustrated)

What happens when you lose sight of the highest goal you are created to pursue; what happens when you ignore the fact that you are here on earth to be fully dedicated to Allah Almighty as He is the Master and we all are His slaves?

Everyone of us has this goal pre-programmed deep in his/her soul. We have this hunger and thirst inside us to fulfill this goal. But when your appetite is not filled with healthy food what would you fill it with? If you don’t get the right meal, will you say I am not going to eat at all? No! When a person is starving, and there’s no food of their preference or there’s no healthy food, they will consume whatever they found even if it is something inedible.

When you lose sight of Allah Almighty and He is no longer your goal you will necessarily find a replacement. It is necessary to have something you aspire towards; that is the mission of your life.

Do not miss this inspiring reflection from Ustadh Noaman Ali Khan. Watch this video to know types of these replacements or alternative missions in the past and at present. Some of us may inadvertently fall in the traps of false masters; we might be unaware that we are running after worthless pursuits that consume our time and efforts.