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Anti-Aging for Optimal Health

“Human progress has never been achieved with unanimous consent. Those who are enlightened first are compelled to pursue the light in spite of others.” Christopher Columbus (1492).

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead. “To grow old in a dignified way is both a science and an art.” Professor Ana Aslan.

Cellular death or its failure to further divide itself means the beginning of deterioration of various bodily functions; which indicates ageing.

It’s perhaps natural for humans to look for eternity. They need to enjoy the best quality of life with their beloved ones to achieve all their goals. No one in their right mind will reject a long life free from chronic diseases and cancer.

It is also psychologically true that Allah created mankind with a natural ‘fear of the unknown’. Death, a mysterious phenomenon that man inherently fears.

Allah Almighty informed us in our Holy Qur’an: “Every soul will taste death. We test you with evil and good as trial, and to Us you will be returned.”(Surat Al-Anbya’ 21:35). Islam is balanced, Islamic teachings regard finding cures for diseases and prolonging man’s lifespan as praiseworthy. At the same time, it constantly remind us of our final destination; which is the Day of Judgment and the afterlife.

There is no conflict between bringing healthier life for humans and fighting illnesses including aging diseases. This is quite different from Immortality. Such scientific breakthroughs can only successfully increase the demographic life expectancy of our individuals for better societies.

The main focus in the field of anti-aging medicine for optimal health and living longer both now and in the immediate future can be seen in all of the following groups:

1- Genetics: (not many of us get to choose our parents!)

2- Lifestyle: with the reduction of stress. Besides, take care of hygiene and clean living practices. Avoid smoking, alcohol, and narcotics. Eat fresh foods in a balanced diet and drink pure water. Also avoid radiation, heavy metals and pollution etc.

3- Toxins: Avoiding them as best we can include the lesser known toxins such as fluoride, aluminum and pesticides etc.

4- Exercise: It doesn’t need to be intense but regular.

5- Karma: Massage and relaxation techniques to provide inner-calm for the soul.

6- Nutrition: Undertake with multi-vitamins and minerals to ensure having all the nutritional needs, especially as these needs usually increase with age. Using Anti-Oxidants to eradicate free radicals (a primary cause of premature aging) and to help eliminate pollutants, in turn have major benefits for the long-term health of an individual.

7- Chelation: To help flush-out heavy metals.

8- Immune System: Enhancement and support to ensure that infections don’t become a major problem and the occasional use (as required) of natural anti-biotics to free yourself from more persistent bacteria and viruses etc. These are very important tasks to ensure that serious aging disorders and diseases do not appear.

9- Nootropics: The regular use of Smart Drugs and nutrients to provide that the brain remains working at an optimum level and to ensure thorough enhancement and protection that its easy oxidation (deterioration) doesn’t lead to serious senile dementia. The brain is the command center of a hierarchy of organs.

10- Hormone Maintenance: The use of hormones and precursors to ensure that they remain at the approximate levels of healthy 25 year-old and that this in turn leads to improved mental and physical capabilities.

11- Excess: Keeping age-increasing hormones such as cortisol and prolactin in check and ensuring that age-inducing enzymes such as MAO don’t interfere with brain neurotransmitters.

12- Energy: Provide protection and support for the energy producing processes within the body, especially for the mitochondria (the cells that produce the grandmother hormone pregnenolone and production of the universal energy molecule ATP).

13- Specifics: Nutritional and medical assistance for individual areas of concern, such as treatment of hair-loss or impotence etc.

14- Others: Keeping an open mind and utilizing any other proven sources of benefit, for example the emerging science of electro-magnetic medicine.

15- Ultimately: Pure anti-aging medicine will lie in the ability to decipher DNA and act upon those results and then in the ability to manipulate DNA for our own needs.

This article is part of a series of 4 parts that and we currently republish it for its importance.