This Verse of Quran Talks About Modern Embryology

Recite in the name of your Lord who created –

Created man from a clinging substance. (Quran 96:2)

The Arabic word alaq means to cling and to hang off. By implication, people have interpreted it to mean a clot of blood, but it’s used in the sense that the sperm of the male when it goes inside the uterus and finally it impregnates the mother, it’s actually hanging off.

This is something that’s discussed in modern embryology, and at the time couldn’t possibly have been known. That’s not just a clot of blood as most translations say, but it literally means that which hangs off.

If you look at modern embryology, the earliest stage of the formation of the baby, the confirmation that actually impregnation has happened is the hanging off literally (alaq).


So, there’s been a tremendous amount of work done on this particular word alone. There are other places in the Quran that talk about embryology, but this particular word is key interest because it alludes to Allah’s profound knowledge in the most secret of things. We don’t even know what’s inside of ourselves the way Allah does.

And it’s an indication of Allah’s verse:

We will show them our miraculous signs in the horizons and even inside themselves until it becomes absolutely clear to them that it is the truth. (Quran 41:53)

This is a miraculous sign inside of ourselves.