Reverted Nurse: All Power Belongs to Allah

Allah does not like disbelief for people and He the Almighty creates them to believe in Him and worship Him.

Allah says:

And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me. (Quran 51:56)

So, He sent His messengers (peace be upon them) to people to guide and remind them to get back on the right path, and He still sends them signs, no matter who they are or what their origin, language, social position, or color.  He, the Almighty, sends a sign to anyone who needs such a reminder.

These signs wake people up when they think that they have enough power that can save them from surrounding dangers, and help them overcome all hardships they get through, forgetting that Allah has power over all things.

Here is a new conversion story for 23- year-old woman who returned to Allah and accepted Islam when she realized that the human being was created weak and weakness surrounds our existence from all sides, so he cannot live without dependency on Allah.

Caitlyn Munro is a young British woman raised in a Christian family composed of two parents, two sisters and three brothers. She enrolled in Liverpool university to become a qualified nurse.

“I had always aspired to become a nurse from a very young age and my mother always says that I was placed on this earth to fulfill my duties as a nurse. Alhamdulillah, I am now 6 months away from qualifying.” She said.

The Journey Starts

Her faith story started in 2017, when she started her higher education and she had a group of friends from a range of diverse backgrounds.

At the time, she had very little knowledge about Islam or the submission to Allah until One of her Muslim friends exposed her to Islam.

“I was so fascinated over how peaceful and genuinely nice the brother was to me and the fact that charity was central to the brother’s heart. Similarly, I always performed charity work and have always had aspirations of using my nursing skills and knowledge, as this is something that I have always wanted to do since being a little girl!”

Over the time, her relationship with Islam changed totally, and the love for Islam has been increased gradually in her heart, and she started her knowledge journey secretly by reading the translated version of Quran.

“Usually, I can read texts quite quickly, but I could not do this with Quran because of how powerful and meaningful each verse was!”

Caitlyn finished reading whole Quran deeply within almost four months and her faith became steadfast after she realized that there is no god but Allah.

“I found in Quran that fact that I was always looking for; the fact that Allah has control over everything, and I feel the words sent to us just confirmed and provided reassurance for what I had desperately seeking from Allah”.

When she had read the clear evidence, which was right in front of, she just took every single word of Quran and just wanted to do her best to please Allah.

Allah’s Signs

At the same time, Caitlyn had experienced heartbreaking situations and she received them as signs from Allah, and the truth became more evident to her.

“I realized that I had no physical control over what was happening to me or my family, when my close relatives passed away, but more so in job role as a nurse and having to care for patients who were sadly at the end of their lives.”

At that point, she rushed to the door of Allah asking Him for protection and forgiveness, and she decided to accept Islam, after she believed that all power belongs to Allah.

Regarding her family feelings toward her decision, she thinks that her family will not stand against her choice, as they never did before.

“I come from a very supportive and close family, whereby both my parents were passionate to ensure that we were always aware of the importance of this.”

However, she has not revealed her Islam to them yet, but she will soon- when Allah provides her with strength and knowledge to expose them to Islam.