Islam was the Only Choice I Couldn’t Deny!

Contemplating what was going on around him led A. Seymour to question what was happening in politics, the media and current events, and to find out what the truth really is.

He was inspired by his own cycle of questions and answers, with one inevitably leading to the next.

This is his story in his own words:
I was in university, I was studying International Business. And in my spare time I was a DJ.

I was very kind of interested in what was going on in the world in terms of I didn’t quite believe we were being told the truth by the media. So I was quite interested not in conspiracy theories, but just alternative news of what was going on.

Particularly after September 11, I was really fascinated in what actually happened, and the government and the media response to that. So, I suppose that kind of started me asking questions about the truth of what was going on, and what is the truth.

Finding Islam

Well, I had met a Muslim, and they passed me on some leaflets about Islam. Reading them it really left me with kind of no choice really, I couldn’t deny it. I believed it.
So, one night, one Saturday night, I basically had a conversation about death. And I had this feeling for some reason that I was going to die quite young, so I thought I would better become Muslim before I die. So, I just took Shahadah.

At that point, I still didn’t really know much about Islam, except that there were five pillars, and I knew and believed in One God, and that Muhammad, (peace be upon him), was the Messenger of God. I believed that, so I took Shahadah.

It was probably quite a few months afterwards I lost touch with the Muslim I initially met. So, at that point I didn’t actually know any Muslims, so it was just kind of me on my own doing, you know, what I thought was Islam. And I was looking to meet some Muslims just randomly at the job I was working at. They came to the shop, and I started to hang out with them, and they became good friends for the next few years. They were also new Muslims as well. So I was amazed because that I didn’t know there were other people who embraced Islam.
So it was a real blessing, and spending time with them I learned a lot more about Islam.


for anyone who is really thinking about Islam I would say: Follow your heart.


Would You Like a Ham Sandwich?

I remember one day my mum saying to me oh, would you like a ham sandwich?.

And I said well I’m not really eating ham at the moment.And she said why was that?

And I said since I became Muslim.

And she said what was that?

And I said since I became Muslim

And she said you’re not a Muslim?

I said: Well, I believe in One God and I believe Muhammad is the Messenger of God, and therefore I am a Muslim.

So, she was a bit confused.

But I had it very easy compared to a lot of people whose family and friends disowned them. My parents were very liberal and laid back. They have always been like that, kind of leaving me do what I wanted; let me find my own way.
Just the Start

Some Muslims might think that becoming Muslim is the end goal, but really becoming Muslim is just the start. When you pursue the path everything changes in your life. Also it puts people off Islam because they realize that things are going to change.

But really you have nothing to be scared about, because Islam means submission to God. Allah could bring you into Islam and then make it difficult for you, it doesn’t really make sense.

Anyone who encouters Islam, they have to be true to themselves, and they will kind of feel inside – they will acknowledge – that they need to return to their Lord and submit to Him.

So, for anyone who is really thinking about Islam I would say:

Follow your heart.

Be sincere.

And as long as you do that, then you have nothing to worry about.

It will guide you to Islam…