The Status of Women in Islam (Special Folder)

In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with negative images of Islam. Because of this, one major misconception that many hold is that Islam oppresses women. But what do we really know about the status of women in Islam? What are the rights Islam affords women? How did the Prophet treat women during life?

We have compiled this special folder to address these questions and more about women in Islam.

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We hope this introduction gives you basic answers and a useful foundation for further reading and research about women’s status in Islam.

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Women’s Rights in Islam

The Status of Women in Islam (Special Folder) - About Islam

As a young Muslim woman, I am very proud of my faith. It gives me the strength and conviction to do my work every day. It’s the reason I can be here in front of you. …

Prophetic Respect for Women

The Status of Women in Islam (Special Folder) - About Islam

The Prophet’s attitude towards women is characterized by chivalry, egalitarianism, love and respect …


The Status of Women in Islam (Special Folder) - About Islam

Hijab frees women from being thought of as sexual objects of desire or from being valued for their looks, or body shape rather than their minds and intellect. …

Women’s Education

The Status of Women in Islam (Special Folder) - About Islam

Alongside men, Muslim women played an important role in the pre-modern Islamic world as scholars, poets, mystics, rulers and warriors …


Women in Islam are given a high status. A prevailing principle we find in the Quran is one of egalitarianism. All human life has value and every human being has inalienable rights regardless of gender. Therefore, if we hear of women’s rights being taken away and women being oppressed or denigrated, we can know that it is not from Allah, Islam, or the Prophetic tradition of Islam.