The Quran in Focus (Special Folder)

Muslims believe the Quran to be God’s final revelation and divine miracle of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) which is still preserved.

This everlasting miracle is the Book of the Quran which contains the literal Words of God:

Falsehood cannot approach it from before it or from behind it (Quran 41:42)

The Quran is God’s divine and last message sent to Prophet Muhammad which is full of wisdom, truth, and guidance. In this folder, Discovering Islam compiled some interesting articles and inspiring stories that we hope you enjoy reading.

The Divine Truth

What Islam Really Says About Women (Ted Talk)

When Prophet Muhammad recited the Quran – the words of God – the Arabs were moved tremendously by its sublime tone and extraordinary beauty…

Approaching the Quran

Prophet Muhammad’s Respect & Love for Women

The Chapter of Joseph in the Quran contains many morals and lessons that are derived from the events of his life. The Prophet Joseph…

New Muslims on the Quran

What Does the Quran Really Preach?

The first surprising issue for professor Miller was the challenging tone in many verses such as: {Will they not then contemplate the Quran?…

Pearls from the Quran

What Islam Really Says About Women (Ted Talk)

The primary purpose of this chapter was to emphasize the continuity of Islam with previous divine revelations.

Frequent Q&As About the Quran

Has the Quran Changed?

I noticed one reader on your site asking how we could answer or give someone evidence that the Quran has not changed throughout the past thousands of years…