The Power of Dua – A True Story

This is a transcription of a video about a true story on the power of supplication.

Never ever underestimate the power of Allah.

The story that happened to a very famous neurologist doctor, very hard to meet, it ‘s said that perhaps you’d have to wait months on end before you can get an appointment to see him.

He said: “I was flying from one city to another. Suddenly there was turbulent and one of the engines was  sock  and it was damaged so we had to land. They landed in a remote area ; it was difficult to repair the aircraft and the few people were on it had to wait. So the doctor asked the pilot

I asked the captain “how long are  you going to be?”

He said: “We are going to be quite long”

I said: “I need to  get to that place”

He said: “It’s just 3 hours drive by vehicle. So why don’t you just go by road?”

So he decides to go  by vehicle  then while they were on the road, it was raining heavily and the road was muddy.. they could hardly move.

They found a little house near to them and decided to go there and rest, pray, and have some food.

He knocks the door and an old lady opened the door.

He told her what happened and she welcomed them to her house.

She had a little child lies  near where she prays and makes du’a

When they were about to leave, they spoke to the old lady and thank her for her kindness.

Then he asked her what happened to this child?

She said that the child is an orphan and is unwell and very sick and we’ve been to all doctors around. Subhanallah, I’m the grandmother of this child. The Doctors have told us that there only one specialist around who can help this child, and we tried to make an appointment but they asked us to come six months later and it’s far away. I have been making  dua to Allah ever since that day. Ya Allah make it easy for us. The child is sick”

He said: “What’s the name of that specialist?”

She said: “His name is Doctor Ishan”

Immediately the doctor burst to tears.

She askes him: “Why are you crying?”

He said: “Your dua has just been accepted” “For your dua, the thunder came, the lightening came, the engine struck and we came down, we came on the road, the rain came again and stopped us and so on…do you know why?  That was me.”

The woman started to cry.

The doctor said: “I learnt that Allah’s armies are beyond limits. Allah uses whatever he wants to get what He wants done.

Everyone has needs for Allah. Just keep calling.

Just have certainty. Have conviction. If it is meant, it will definitely come in your direction.

By the mercy and power of Allah, it will happen, it will come to pass.

May Allah bless us.

May He open our doors.

May He grant us all shifa. And may He make us firm believers that for Him nothing is impossible