Supports Galore for Muslim Women in World Hijab Day

Hundreds of thousands of women of all faiths, colors, and communities across the world donned hijab Saturday (Feb 1) to celebrate the 8th edition of #WorldHijabDay and show support for Muslim women.

Universities, campuses, offices, and streets looked decorated as women donning colorful hijabs to mark the event.

“The hijab is the most beautiful concept once actually understood. Best years of my life. You don’t need validation to feel beautiful; focus on your heart… It’s the only thing that can make you beautiful”, FarahAkil @FarahAkilf wrote on Twitter.

“It’s my first #WorldHijabDay and it was fun. I like the feeling of the hijab and may start wearing it more often,” Rebekah Burton, Atheist, USA said.

“Another #WorldHijabDay another great feeling! So happy to support the Muslim women of the world and let them know they’re loved by me!” Kayla, Mormon, USA, wrote.

Supports Galore for Muslim Women in World Hijab Day - About Islam

“I’ve been wearing hijab for 6 months, and today I took my shahada. I didn’t plan for it to coincide with #WorldHijabDay, but that’s how things worked out. However, now I think it’ll be easy to remember when it happened! 🙂 #WorldHijabDay2020”, Sapphire, an anthropology student, and a convert Muslim wrote.

Supports Galore for Muslim Women in World Hijab Day - About Islam


Celebrated in over 140 countries, the World Hijab Day is aimed at fostering religious tolerance and understanding by inviting non-Hijabi Muslims and non-Muslims to experience wearing a hijab for one day.

In its eights version, the brainchild of New York-based Nazma Khan was held under the theme, “unity in diversity.”

While expressing solidarity with Muslim women Marvin, a non-Muslim from Mexico, wrote, “I wanted to show support to women who wear the #hijab and recognize them as kind and amazing people; all my respect for you.”