Pilgrims to Get Zamzam in their Accommodations

Zamzam water will be provided to Hajj pilgrims in their accommodations throughout their stay in Makkah, according to the Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umrah Muhammad Saleh Bentan.

“Provision of the blessed water to the guests of Allah is a sacred duty. By delivering it to pilgrims in their accommodations, we will help reduce congestion inside the Grand Mosque and cut the Zamzam water black market,” he said after a meeting with the Unified Zamazma Office.

Bentan said Zamzam water is free, but nominal charges are taken to cover the cost of transportation to the accommodations of pilgrims.

Chairman of the Unified Zamazma Office’s board of directors Abdul Hadi Zamzami said all arrangements have been completed to provide Zamzam water to all foreign pilgrims in their accommodations in Makkah during their entire stay from arrival until departure.

He said they have an electronic system to make sure that enough quantities of Zamzam water reach the pilgrims right where they are staying.

Meanwhile, the ministry has decided the Hajj charges for domestic pilgrims. The charges, service categories and the mechanism for registration will be announced on Wednesday.

“Domestic pilgrims can start registering with the Mutawifeen at the ministry’s e-gate from August 3,” the Hajj minister said.

Bentan also discussed with officials at the Tuwafa establishment for Arabophone pilgrims arrangements to host about 280,000 pilgrims from 19 Arabophone countries.

The minister said the World Health Organization (WHO) will decide the countries affected by infectious diseases so as not to allow their citizens to perform Hajj.

“We depend on WHO’s reports to decide on infection-free countries so as to allow their pilgrims to come to the Kingdom for the Hajj,” he said in a press statement following a tour to Tuwafa establishments in Makkah.

The Kingdom last year prevented people from a number of West African countries to perform the Hajj because of Ebola virus.

“People from all infection-free countries will be allowed to come to Saudi Arabia for Hajj this season,” he added.