Sacramento Hosts Muslim Youth Leadership Program

An American Muslim civil rights group announced plans for its 15th ‘Muslim Youth Leadership Program’ next August 4 in Sacramento, California to introduce American Muslim teens to the areas of the community that shape public opinion, CAIR California reported in a statement online.

“The four-day program allows the Muslim students to work and participate in the areas of American community organizing, advocacy, and law as well as public policy,” CAIR’s website read.

Over the course of the Muslim Youth Leadership Program (MYLP), participants will gain an in-depth understanding of California’s legislative process.

Muslim students will also have the opportunity to sharpen their leadership skills and gain valuable campaign and organizing tools.

Mock Legislature

Moreover, every student will participate in a ‘Mock Legislature’ at the State Capitol where they’ll serve as senators for a day – and debate important public policy issues ranging from elections, education and public safety.

Each one of the high school students will receive hands-on training in the areas of civic engagement and media advocacy.

Afterward, young learners will be able to meet elected officials and improve their networking skills by having direct contact with those experienced policymakers.

Students and youth are expected to benefit on the social side by making new friends with other students from across California.

Muslims in California

The state of California has one of the largest Muslim communities in the USA, an estimated 1% of the population, mostly residing in Southern California. Approximately 100,000 Muslims reside in San Diego city.

Being a Mexican state in origin before the American occupation, Latinos, mainly Mexican Americans, form major portions of the population of Southern California, especially in Los Angeles, as well as the San Joaquin Valley. A sizable number of California’s Muslims are native Mexicans and Latinos.

This Group Bonds Muslim Youth in America