Muslim Youths Clean Up Calgary after New Year’s Celebrations

A group of Muslim youth gathered on Wednesday morning to clean up streets in Calgary, picking up trash left behind by people during the New Year celebrations, Calgary Herald reported.

“I am so happy to join the group in cleaning the city because it is my duty for this community,” said Moaz Shweri, as he picked up litter in front of the Arts Commons building.

Shweri is a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association. Over the past years, the group has been involved in the annual clean up after new year celebration.

With so many people visiting downtown Calgary for the New Year’s Eve celebrations and fireworks, some garbage, bottles, and cans are inevitably left behind. Therefore, Calgary became the location for the annual initiative.

“Our motto is ‘love for all, hatred for none,’ so we do community work to help others,” said volunteer Adeel Khalon.

Seventeen-year-old Salman Sohail said the early wake-up call wasn’t difficult because it’s important for him to serve Calgary.

“In Islam, we’re supposed to give back to our country. We are so accepted in this country so this is my thank you to my community. This city does so much for us so I can do this for them,” said Sohail, as he and a friend cleared the ground outside city hall.

Though Muslims don’t usually participate in new year celebrations, they usually lend a helping hand to the needy during the festive season.

In a similar effort, young Muslim youth across the UK woke up early Wednesday, January 1, to clean streets after New Year’s celebrations.

After early prayers on Wednesday morning, about 1500 young Muslims put on jackets and collected hundreds of bin bags of rubbish.

Their initiative was led in different cities across the UK from London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, to Walsall, Manchester, and Cardiff.