Mother, Son Help Kiwis Send Love Cards to Christchurch Victims

A New Zealand mother and her young son are helping Kiwis send their love messages to Muslims affected by the Christchurch terrorist attack, Now To Love reported Thursday.

“This is such a heavy and sad time for New Zealand,” Hannah Rodgers says.

“My hope is that people see this as an avenue to do something when they may be struggling to know what to do or not be in a financial position to give much.”

Rodgers and her young son Jayden together started charity last Christmas by sending cards to those who might otherwise receive nothing during the festive season.

50 Muslim worshippers  were killed in March 15 attacks targeting Al Noor and Linwood mosques in Christchurch.

The terrorist attack shook New Zealand and prompted the government to tighten gun laws and launch a powerful national inquiry into the Pacific country’s worst peacetime massacre.

After the terrible Christchurch attack, they decided to help Kiwis send their love to those affected, sending letters to mosques, the Christchurch hospital and the larger Muslim community.

“All cards will be reviewed before distribution, so please leave your envelopes open,” reminds Hannah.

“Cards should be filled with love, and genuine and authentic messages from the heart, and this is open to kids, adults, schools, organizations, community groups, etc.”

New Zealand came together in the past weeks to support Muslims.

On Friday, March 29, around 25,000 gathered at North Hagley Park, a few meters away from Al Noor Mosque, a scene of the terrorist attacks.

A week earlier, the whole nation supported the Muslim community by airing on national TV adhan and Jum`ah prayer for the first time.

Nationwide ceremonies moreover saw poignant scenes of Kiwis embracing Muslims, and of non-Muslim New Zealand women donning makeshift Islamic headscarves in solidarity.