“Becoming Kareem”: NBA Hall of Fame Talks to Trevor Noah

NEW YORK – US Muslim icon, activist and author Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was a special guest of Trevor Noah in Thursday’s episode of the Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show”, during which he shared thoughts on his new book “Becoming Kareem”.

After playing for 20 seasons, the Muslim legend remains the all-time NBA points leader with 38,387 points scored.  ESPN voted him the greatest center of all time and the greatest player in college basketball history.

He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama in 2016 and trained in martial arts with Bruce Lee.

In his new autobiography, “Becoming Kareem,” he talks about his childhood, sharing his life story and his road to becoming the 70-year-old man he is today.

As a child, Abdul-Jabbar was a bookworm and one of the only three black kids at his school. He shared a story about the time his high school basketball coach called him the n-word.

“Kareem’s turbulent journey from being the good little boy attending Catholic school to becoming a world-class athlete, world-shaking activist, and a worldwide best-selling author was guided by a series of well-meaning mentors,” the book’s summary says.

“In this presentation, Kareem showcases the top 7 mentors and the most important lessons he learned from each. In some cases, the lessons learned were not the ones intended by the mentor, but were a reaction to what Kareem saw as a flaw in their teaching.”