American Muslims Facts vs Fiction (Video)

WASHINGTON – People are a product of their environment, and if they are not taught what is right from wrong, then that is where the problem starts, at home. This short-film provides answers backed by scientific research to the most frequent questions Americans ask about their Muslim neighbors.

Luby Ismail- Founder, Connecting Cultures, LLC
Aisha Rahman- Executive Director, Karamah: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights
Saafir Rabb II- CEO, Interculture
Dalia Mogahed- Director of Research, Institute for Social Policy and Understanding
Mark Sageman – Author, Leaderless Jihad: Terror Networks in the 21st Century
Eli Clifton – Co–Author, Fear Inc: The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America
Erin Miller – Program Manager, Global Terrorism Database
Tarek Elghwary – CEO, Coexist Foundation
Imam Mohammad Magid – Imam, ADAMS Center
Tarek El-Messidi – Founder, Celebrate Mercy

The video, by Unity Productions Foundation, was first published on Sep 22, 2015. Visit for more videos and to organize a screening.