YouTube Channel Uses Cartoons to Educate Burton Community on Islam

In different countries across the world, online classes and activity-based learning are becoming a reality in the 21st century.

For the Muslim communities living in the west, they could provide an importance source of learning about true Islamic faith.

A Muslim woman from Burton, North West of London, has launched a new YouTube channel to educate Muslims and non-Muslims on Islam.

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Kicking it off on Thursday, June 18, Serina Yates set up Burton Dawah Channel.

On this channel, she will post short animated videos for Islamic history and stories about Muslim prophets.

“The aim of the YouTube channel is to integrate the community by running motivational Islamic lectures,” Yates told Derby Telegraph.

“I want to air programs to promote the understanding of the true essence of Islam and not to judge Islam by how it is portrayed in the current climate.

“Through the animation videos we will highlight role models and promote their cause. Also deliver purposeful videos for both children and adults.

“We will promote Islamic blogs which aid into understanding Islam.”

Serina wants the channel to attract members of other faiths and merge as one big community (Image: Serina Yates)
Serina wants the channel to attract members of other faiths and merge as one big community (Image: Serina Yates)

Working Together

Serina, who moved to the UK from Guyana in 1984, also runs Sunshine Day Nursery in Branston Road.

She hopes the new channel will encourage communities to work with members of other religious backgrounds to encourage togetherness.

“Moving forward I want to provide a platform to discuss current and topical issues,” the mother-of-four said.

“Ultimately the message is to bridge communities into one big family, have conversations on events happening in the world and look to contribute to our society in a positive and impactful way.”

The Burton channel is not the first to target Muslim children.

In October, 2019, YouTube animated song channel for kids, Jamil and Jamila, was launched in Toronto.

The Jamil and Jamila channel features content that children and parents can watch together – songs about family, kindness, gratitude to God, as well as funny, silly songs and timeless children’s classics.