Muslim Shows Generosity to Her Village during COVID-19 Shutdown

For the third week in the UK, British people have been socially isolating to flatten the curve of the coronavirus epidemic.

Therefore, Muslim groups and Islamic centers across the country have been arranging food and isolation pack deliveries for people in self-isolation who are over the age of 65.

Yet, it was a single act of humanity from a Muslim family that touched the residents of Sudbrooke, a small village in the West Lindsey district in the UK.

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A Muslim family has volunteered to drop food packets at the doors of self-isolated neighbors.

66-Year-old Pauline Loven, a renowned costume historian, costumier, and heritage film producer, received one of the packets with a message saying, “Have a good day” and “keep safe.”

Self-isolated at home in her village, she told Anadolu Agency via email that she was deeply touched by an act of kindness of her Muslim neighbor, Ghana, whom she had met only “once many months ago”.

Friendly Neighbor

Pauline received the first note two weeks ago when the country shut down as Ghana slipped a note through everyone’s door in the neighborhood. The Muslim woman offered to do shopping, bring medicines, or be a friendly voice on the phone.

“We chatted through the glass front door, so she knew we were self-isolating,” said Loven, who is also suffering from asthma.

“A few days later, Ghana and her teenage son called and dropped a care packet in a brown paper bag. She was wearing plastic gloves to protect the package. It contained satsumas, tomatoes, cucumber and two cartons of fresh fruit juice. I realized later that it was a vitamin C booster to enhance the immune system. It also contained hand-sanitizer,” she added.

Upon asked through the door what she owed her neighbor for this generosity, Loven said she heard most precious words: “Nothing. You are my neighbor and you are my family.”

“I was incredibly touched. I know that it is not just me she is caring for, but many more isolated people living on our street. I am looking forward to meeting her properly when this is all over,” said the heritage film producer.

Loven believes that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught many lessons to humanity.

“The global pandemic has shown us all how fast many of us live our lives and how much we needlessly consume of the planet’s resources,” she said.

The COVID-19 pandemic has infected 1,792,801 and killed around 109,789 people, according to the latest estimates by WorldOMeter.

The UK is grappling with over 78,000 confirmed cases of the new virus. The UK has reported 9,875 deaths so far.