Luton Mosques Team Up to Clean City

 Nearly 200 bags of rubbish filled in big clean up around Luton 

LUTON, UK – Mosques in Luton, south east UK, have teamed up with community groups to clean the city, in an effort planned to bring people together from all backgrounds and faiths.

“The ‘Big Clean Up’ has been an incredibly successful initiative across our town, raising awareness around a cleaner town, highlighting the importance of looking after our neighborhoods and promoting the value of taking social responsibility and caring for the environment,” Sujel Miah, on behalf of Luton Council of Mosques and Sunni Council of Mosques, said, Luton Today reported Tuesday.

“It has brought together individuals, families, children from different backgrounds, faiths and cultures that are passionate about looking after their town and committed to working together towards building a strong and harmonious community.”

Eight litter picks were organized over five weeks by the mosques at Hockwell Ring, Suffa Tul Islam, Farley Hill, Madinah, Leagrave Hall, Al Jalal, Zakariya and Discover Islam.

Homeless charity Signposts supported the initiative with equipment and volunteers.

Signposts Team SP volunteers arrived early at each event to set up a base camp ready to issue equipment and supported groups with their Health and Safety briefs.

“This year’s Big Clean has been brilliant, our Signposts team have got to know so many new people, made friends, build partnerships for the future and our town is looking cleaner,” Signposts head of community partnerships and innovation, Phyl Rainey, said.

Building Relations

After each event all enjoyed delicious food and refreshments together provided by the mosques and enjoyed getting to know each other.

“I feel so privileged to be part of The Big Clean in Luton, working alongside to many passionate people who just want a cleaner brighter future for us all to live in. Thank you to all the partners involved,” Raqab Khan said.

Muhammed Muhit Miah, wider community engagement officer from Hockwell Ring Mosque, also praised the effort, looking forward to more success ahead.

”I was delighted to be able to lead this project supported by 7 mosques and community initiatives across the town. Throughout the whole summer weekends, we witnessed children as young as 6 coming and taking part in the ‘Big Clean,’” he said.

“One of my objectives is to help instill the importance of the environment and cleanliness at young age. As Lutonians we should be proud. I look forward to seeing more people from across Luton getting involved next summer.”

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