British Muslim’s Hajj Diary: Shaving Head as Hajj Concludes

In this article, Dr. Asad, a British Muslim, reflects on his Hajj experience, sharing his thoughts on Umrah and Hajj, as he goes through the spiritual journey along with more than two million Muslims from across the world.

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We continue on with the stoning of the Shaytan [Satan] at the Jamarat today. ‘Bare’ walking bruv!

My advice: Go as early as possible if you’re going to go, because the heat is intense in the afternoon, especially if you’re doing Mina to the Jamarat and then onto Makkah (which is another whole hour away!)

However, in today’s entry, I wanted to discuss a huge dilemma that arose yesterday evening after our Qurbani [Udhiyah] was confirmed, and we were able to come out of our Ihram’s:

The haircut or ‘the shave!’

It is customary to have either your hair cut or have your head shaved. I went for the head shave and then was left with the decision of what to do with my facial hair.

Options included a pirate, a Mexican drug dealer or Walter White from Breaking Bad…but I decided to just go for the clean-shaven look in the end.

Wish I hadn’t now as when I showed my niece my first pictures her response was:


Unbelievable! I come all this way to cleanse my sins and my niece thinks I look like the Shaytan himself!


This article is from our archive, originally published on an earlier date, and now republished it for its importance.

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