Rugby World Cup 2019: TV Hails ‘Authentic’ All Black Sonny Bill Williams

Muslim superstar Sonny Bill Williams has received a warm praise in a documentary on American television, describing his concern for the Christchurch families after the March-15 mosque massacre as genuine and authentic, Stuff reported.

“That was my time and I needed to step up,” Williams told the HBO channel’s Real Sports program.

“I know I represent the All Blacks, I know I represent a lot of different people, being a Muslim, being a Kiwi. We were all hurting. I had to get to Christchurch.”

Documentary maker David Scott followed Williams’ efforts to help Christchurch Muslims after the March 15 tragedy. in the documentacy aired last week, he described Williams’ concern as authentic and genuine.

“He’s not looking for publicity or credit for those things, it’s just who he is,” Scott told the Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph. “You have to admire the guy, whatever he has been through in the past, he’s found a way to genuinely contribute.

“He’s the real thing. He has an authenticity.”

Rugby World Cup 2019: TV Hails 'Authentic' All Black Sonny Bill Williams - About Islam

A family affected by the Christchurch mosque shootings visit with Sonny Bill Williams. (JOSEPH JOHNSON/STUFF)

Muslim Role Model

Williams showed leadership after Christchurch mosque attacks, inviting New Zealanders to learn more about Islam.

Last month, Williams along with Ofa Tu’ungafasi , Richie Mo’unga and Sam Whitelock attended a meet-and-greet event with the victims.

Morevoer, Australia’s Muslim player Bachar Houli and Williams paid an emotional visit a few days later to the victims’ families.

Previously, Williams, 34, has spoken regularly about the importance of living his faith.

“To be proud to be a Muslim I know it is easy said than done, in some instances and situations…I’ve been there,” Williams told Real Sports. “It’s going to be easier, with hardship comes ease.”

“I’ve got a wildness in me. I found that Islam it didn’t pacify the wild streak in me. I turned it and pointed it to want to grow and be better,” he said in a Real Sports TV episode trailer.

“That’s when I started openly coming out with my positive messages, who I was and what I stood for.”

Rugby World Cup 2019: TV Hails 'Authentic' All Black Sonny Bill Williams - About Islam

All Blacks star Sonny Bill Williams speaks to Ahmad Feroz, a survivor of the shootings at Al Noor mosque. (Kai Schwoerer)

Born in 1985, Williams is a top-notch rugby star in New Zealand. He converted to Islam in 2008 after attending prayer services at a Sydney mosque.