Nigeria’s Bayero University Graduates 200 Quran Memorizers

KANO – 200 Qur’an memorizers have graduated in a ceremony at the Centre for Qur’anic Studies of Bayero University Kano (BUK) in Nigeria on Saturday, after completing the memorization of the entire holy Qur’an.

“With the certificate given to them, they can teach the Qur’an even in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries or nations,” Dr. Muhammad Babangida, the director of the center said at the ceremony, Vanguard was quoted by Nollywood Times.

Babangida added that the graduates have also received training on how to operate a computer as well as on basic Arithmetic and English language.

Commending the graduates, Prof. Muhammad Bello, the VC of the university, urged state governments in the country to employ the graduates in public schools to increase the number of Qur’an memorizers in their respective states.

He also called on local councils in Kano state to sponsor students to further their studies to promote Qur’an memorization in the state.

The Qur’an is a revelation from God, the creator of the worlds, so He is the original author.

There is only one Qur’an which is in Arabic and many translations of the Qur’an in several languages.

There could be multiple translations by different authors in the same language such as English.

The Qur’an was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through the archangel Gabriel who used to make the Prophet memorize it, and helped him revise it every year in the month of Ramadan, the fasting month.

Memorizing the Holy Qur’an is one of the most important ways to preserve Allah’s message.

The others are to publish and distribute the book, or the text on the Internet and to recite the parts that one knows to other people.