What to Do When a Proposal Comes

When a proposal comes you should check their takkwa and eeman. They don’t have to be super pious but they should be  responsible, they should pray salah.  If their character and conduct is of an acceptable level then let the marriage happen. In a hadith it says if a person with good character comes let the marriage happen. 

Many times parents ask one relative and they give a bad report because they were looking at the same suitor for their own daughter! People say nasty things about others because of their own weakness. If you know something about a potential spouse then say it but do not make up lies. 

If they are genuine, no matter where they come from then do not let your ego get in the way. We are living in the real world we need to face these issues. Allah and His messenger (saw) have given us guidelines we need to follow them and not let our culture and egos get in the way.

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