Time to Stop Arguments and Fights?

Has the time not yet come for us, as Muslims and human beings, to stop arguments and fights?

How many arguments and fights do we see in our world today?

In a part of a recent Friday speech in Boston, Sheikh Yasir Fahmy strikes the right chord in reminding us of the state of disunity we are in today, and warns of the dangers of continuing down this path.

He says:

“One of the most common things that we are collectively as human beings experts at today is arguing and fighting.

Every single thing is reduced to an argument or a dispute.

Whether it is in masajid or homes, or whether it is in the political arena as we look at it today.

Look at Congress and look at the Senate.

Endless arguments, endless disputes; political theater.

While what’s happening?

People are falling by the way side.

Healthcare, income inequality, minimum wage, housing, welfare …etc.

These realities they’ve been discussed decade after decade … and what’s happening?

Party politics, just yelling at each other.

Arguing; my side versus your side.

Who’s falling by the wayside as this is happening?

It’s the people who are in dire need of human beings who are self-conscious of doing what?

Who are actually doing the work.

Imam Al-Awza’i said if Allah does not want good for a people, collectively He prevents them from doing that work and lets them just argue with each other.

When we look in much of the Muslim community, we find that to be the reality.

This group versus that group …

Arguing on-line and in communities …

We come into the masjid and the first thing we look at is where are the inconsistencies here so I can debate that person.

I don’t even listen to the Khutbah, but immediately after the Khutbah I have to go and talk to this person: what did you do wrong and right…

But who is doing the work?

No one.

No one is doing the actual work that needs to be done, whether on a spiritual dimension or on a social dimension.

And so Allah is saying, be very careful of ever finding yourself in that state.

Because when we look at Muhammad, peace be upon him, our high example of what it means to be a human being on this earth, a walking Qur’an.

Our beloved was someone who was always in an active state.

He was always working.

He was always in a state of working for the sake of Allah (SWT)…”

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