The Hijab Attracted Her to Islam!

She was in college taking a world religion course. The professor was wonderful, he worked so hard in presenting each religion in a non-biased way. He was so dedicated to the course that he refused to tell anyone what his own personal beliefs were. They talked in depth about Taoism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism. However, they only barely scratched the surface of Islam. 

She was curious about this and decided to seek more information on Islam. She already knew enough information to know that she didn’t believe that Christianity was not the truth and she also felt that the other religions she had studied were not for her. 

She read a lot and during her final project, she decided to do a little social experiment. She started to wear the hijab part time. She wanted to know if women in hijab felt oppressed when wearing hijab. She decided to wear the hijab to see what it was like and she actually loved wearing the hijab. Hijab was not a stumbling block for her. On the contrary, hijab was one of the things that attracted her to Islam!

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