How to Get Married: Engaged, What’s Next? – Part 5

Are you engaged?

Or are you planning to get married and wanting to know how to proceed in the pre-marriage phase while following Muslim ethics?

This video is the fifth in a series by brother Abdel Rahman Murphy on how to get married in Islam in the context of today’s modern world.

In Part 1, he dealt with the issue of self-evaluation, to answer the question “Who am I?” in order to find the right answer to the question “Who do I really need to look for?”

In Part 2, the main focus was on how to engage parents in this process and get them involved in the journey for finding the right spouse.

In Part 3, brother Abdel Rahman gave three suggestions on how to meet somebody.

In Part 4, the focus was on what to look for which is important for a future marriage.

In this fifth video in the series, brother Abdel Rahman starts by answering the question what is OK for fiances to talk about, and what is OK for two engaged people to do.

What is allowed in Islam?

With parental consent and supervision, the engaged couple can go out together with the presence of a wali.

They need to talk to each other, to get to know the other person better, and this includes compatibility.

So the conversation component is allowed with the condition it could be checked upon, though private conversations are also allowed. This includes e-mailing, texting and so forth, as the purpose is for them to know each other better, while at the same time following Islamic ethics.

However, the engaged couple are required to be very self-disciplined while using the different communication technologies, as they are still not actually married, so they need to make sure they still have those boundaries.

These healthy boundaries and guidelines help the couple stay on the right path, and help them remain responsible in their engagement relationship.

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