A Condensed Talk about What Islam Is

What is Islam? If you have two and a half minutes, then listen to Saajid Lipham and his short  but terrific introduction to Islam.

There is one Eternal All Knowing, All Powerful Creator, His name is Allah.

Allah has all the greatest names and attributes.

True reality of Allah is beyond human comprehension because he is completely perfect and absolutely unique.

Allah created Humans being to worship him and him alone cost her is no one worthy of worshiping

Worshiping other than him is the worst of action.

Allah created Adam, then from Adam he created his wife, from them both he created many human beings on the earth till this day.

Allah didn’t leave the humans without guidance.

He has communicated with us by prophets and messengers.

Allah assisted them with miracles so their truthfulness was apparent.

They were the best of mankind and would convey the reality of this life to their people.

The most important being that: Allah is ONE and we should not associate partners with Him.

Worshiping Him alone is the purpose of the human beings.

This is the basis we will be judged upon in the hereafter.

Those who have obeyed will be rewarded by Paradise with pleasures that no human beings can fathom in this life.

Those who refuse to worship Allah alone and disobey Allah’s messengers they will have the opposite in the hereafter and will be rewarded by eternal fire.

If this sounds familiar, you probably heard about Jesus, Moses, Abraham and Muhammad (peace be upon them).

They all conveyed the same message: to worship Allah alone.

However the past scripture and teachings were lost and manipulated.

Therefore Allah sent prophets one after the other so that all nations will be informed of the Truth.

In this current ages there will be no new prophet sent to mankind.

Allah for this reason preserved the scripture of his last prophet so the nations of the world might be guided.

His last prophet is Muhammad (Pbuh)

His teaching has been preserved in a very exceptional way

Letter for letter and word for word in its original language: The Quran

Islam is the religion of worshiping Allah, and Allah alone

It will be the only religion accepted by the All-Knowing, the All-Powerful, The Creator: Allah.

Islam embraces all religions:

Islam Embraces All Religions: The Tolerance of Islam