Can You Be Happy and a People-Pleaser ?

Are you a people-pleaser? Can you be happy and be a people-pleaser?

How to Attain Happiness – Sheikh Hussain Yee – Kinetic Typography

Since ages, humans have been looking for a way to be happy. Similarly, we tend to try to make people around us happy, even if it can be destructive in terms of faith. As a matter of a fact, experience proves that you cannot please the entire world.

That is why sometimes we need a boost: Sheikh Hussain Yee is calling us, on applying a simple but necessary rule.

“Do something pleasing Allah, and inshaAllah (by the will of Allah), Allah will make the good people pleased with you.”


Indeed if you are looking for happiness you need to understand that satisfying the people rather than Allah your creator, will make you the looser.

Furthermore, when we need to make a choice that will displease people around us, we genuinely fear the result. But above all what we have to understand is that it is a test!

The best reward and gratification don’t come instantly. It is hard work, patience and resilience that should lead the way, not a need to be praised.


Of course everyone enjoys the admiration!

Nevertheless, the same people who praised you could at any moment bury you under tons of criticism.

Then you will feel resentment, guilt, shame, abandon … Is it because you want everyone to like you? If the answer to that question is yes, then you need to re-think what happiness is.

Finally, all of us have to constantly correct your niyyah (intention) when we try to reach happiness in order to please Allah first and foremost.

Happiness is found in sincere worship!

Happiness is Found in Sincere Worship