Allah Will Make Us Happy and Content.

There are many problems in this life and they may or may not be solved. We have to remember that this life is not the end life. We have to concentrate on the akhira. Allah will make us happy and content. 
 Whenever Allah takes something away and you are patient, Allah will give you something better than what was taken away. This is narrated in an authentic hadith. Allah will give you and give you and give you until you are content. He never said He will give us what we want. He will give us until we are happy with Allah’s decree. 
We have to remember this world is temporary. Allah asks us three rhetorical questions, how could you think that Allah has abandoned you? How could you think that you are no one and have no worth? Look at the blessings Allah has given you. Always look at them rather than what you don’t have. 

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