How Aisha (ra) Reminded the Richest Companion to Stay Generous

Imagine being the richest companion and having this reminder!

In Islam generosity and giving what you can for the cause of Allah  is one of the paths to Paradise inshaAllah.

Nevertheless we often need reminders because this life is full of temptations and greed.

Abdur Rahman Bin Awf

In this video Bilal Assad, narrates a story that happened after Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) death. He explains the powerful reminder from Aisha to the wealthiest companion, Abdur Rahman Bin Awf. He was among one of the 10 Companions who were promised paradise.

He was known to be generous and a very good business man.

Aisha (ra), remembered that the Prophet (PBUH) had a vision and he said that Abdur-Rahman “would enter Paradise crawling”.

When he was reminded of this hadith, Abdur-Rahman gave away all the goods he had in his caravan in the hope of being able to run into paradise.

By doing so, he didn’t diminish his wealth but had many dua made for him to enter paradise standing. He continued to be supportive and generous towards the Ummah till the end of his life, mashaAllah.

Now you could say that you are not rich enough to give away your wealth but the point is “how” and “why” you give it away.

Finally, keep in mind that it is never too late to do something good. Keep your sincerity for Allah and any amount of good you do, you will be rewarded inshaAllah.

The power of generosity in Islam

The Power of Generosity in Islam