Are You Addicted to Material Things?

If you are addicted to material things, how do you get cured?

If we know and understand that buying new stuff is not going to keep us happy for ever, then why do we keep doing it?

One of the best ways I can describe this to you is to think about a drug addict.

The person who is addicted to a drug, they understand, or they may understand, that the next fix that they get is not going to keep them satisfied for ever.

But they are chasing that initial euphoria that they found the first time they had those drugs.

And likewise for us, what we do, we understand that being this next purchase, the next thing I’m going to buy, is not going to keep me happy for ever.

But at least for this short period of time, then we move from one purchase, to the next purchase, to the next purchase, and before we know it, we’ve spent a whole lot of our lives chasing that happiness that we’ll never going to find.

What is the solution?

Well, as Muslims we aim to separate the dunya, the worldly life and worldly possessions, from our hearts.

We don’t let our hearts get consumed by the dunya.

That is a concept known as Zuhd, which means, as one of the famous scholars of Islam said, that you keep the worldly life and the worldly possessions in your hands, and not in your heart.

Meaning, there is nothing wrong with having stuff and buying things and all that, that’s fine, it’s normal.

As human beings we like to buy things, and that’s fine, as long as we don’t let our hearts get consumed by those purchases and that worldly life.

One of the best ways to fight that consumption of our heart is to think about the realities of our life.

What are some of the realities of our life?

Number one, if you thought about it, you will realize that our life is temporary, that the pleasures of this life are not going to last for long…

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