A lot of hasanat for small deeds

Allah is the most merciful and His generosity is limitless. So I think it is better to busy oneself with seizing these generous offers and accumulating as many of hasanat as possible rather than spending much time thinking why such huge hasant are assigned to theses deeds.


However that does not mean reflecting on this question is blameworthy. The point is that it should not distract us from benefiting from the blessings that Allah granted us in the form of highly rewarding small acts.


I believe that one way to understand the reason behind such great rewards is reflecting on the characteristics of people who are keen on seizing these opportunities:

– They have great trust in what Allah and the Prophet say and therefore they keep doing these deeds.

– They aspire to maximize their hasanat and therefore they are looking for the best ways to reach this goal.

– They are always alert; they never allow temptations to distract them from accumulating Hasant.

– They prefer the hereafter to this world and therefore they are ready to sacrifice some conveniences of the dunia to secure themselves in the hereafter.


To appreciate these qualities, let’s ask ourselves how many of us try to seize these opportunities (for example, pray Fajr in masjid and stay there until Duha time and pray Duha to get the reward of perfect Hajj and `Umrah as we are told by the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him).


How many of us reduce his/her time on Facebook to repeat some Dhikr or to pray few rak`ahs .


Many of us know that reading Surat Al-Ikhlas gains its reader a reward equal to reading one third of the Qur’an, how many of us are keen on not missing this high reward.

Compare our attitude to these special offers with our excessive interest in worldly offers, market sales and promotions.


Indeed those small deeds betray the magnitude of our Iman and devotion and perhaps this is why their reward is such huge.

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