5 Ways to Propel Peace

If they seek peace, then seek you peace. And trust in Allah for He is the One that heareth and knoweth all things.

~ Qur’an 8:61

Peace is a big part of Islam as it promotes the understanding of peace through submission to Allah (SWT). This applies to the ordinary sense of developing your spiritual growth through balance and harmony. So, propel peace in your neighborhood, family and amongst fellow countryman by taking these simple steps to be contagiously peaceful to family friends and even strangers.

  1. Offer Salutation

Just say Assalaamu ‘Alaikum (Peace Be Upon You) – it’s amazing to see the reaction to a simple gesture such as giving salaam or saying hello can do. Better yet, it can invoke the response that is hoped for and that is someone responding to your salutation by giving salaam or saying hello in return.

Make it a habit to greet everyone at your neighborhood, workplace and even while shopping. This would have a magical impact on both you and people around you.

  1. Have Ihsan

Ihsan simply means having good intentions towards anything that is living. There are many ways this can be achieved, such as being fair and just in all your doings, being selfless, giving without expecting anything in return. Be a forgiving person and do not hold onto grudges. Do not engage in gossip, backbiting, thus guarding against your tongue. Simple acts of kindness can cultivate a compassion for other living things.

Encourage your kids to show care for others, help those in need and be kind towards all creatures of God.

  1. Tarbiyah for Children

Without input from you, your children will not know about Tarbiyah or personal development. And without personal development your child will not know the importance of peace in today’s chaotic world. Instill the message of peace in children at an early age.

Provide a sound Islamic foundation by investing in colorful children’s Islamic books which relate stories from the Qur’an written in simple sentences. Appeal to their creative side and engage them in craft activities and coloring pages that propel peace.

  1. Bring the Family Together

There’s nothing like a family get-together with a big pot of food to enhance the occasion. Talking, eating and socializing with family members helps to develop a better understanding of each other. Make time to have the family over as it brings a sense of belonging, security, stability and peace.c61618accfdc5ef289d67b45a105bcb7

Make it a habit to perform prayers together and try to engage in many things as a family in order to develop stronger ties and interconnection.

Remember that a strong family bonding is the base for a sound and safe society.

  1. Be a Good Neighbor

Needless to say, your neighbors are the closest people to you in terms of distance. Islam regards neighbors with a special status regardless of whether they are Muslim or not. You are encouraged to socialize, care for and share with them. So, it is in your best interest to maintain peace with them so they do not become a daily source of frustration. If you are peaceful it may just catch on and they will be contagiously peaceful too!


“Truly, in remembering God do hearts find rest.”

~ Qur’an 13:28

About Nadia Ali
Nadia Ali is a freelance writer who was born in London, UK but now lives in the Caribbean. Her work has been published both online and in print. Her published credits include AboutIslam, Sisters Magazine, Aziza Magazine and Muslim Girl Magazine.