Covid-19: Ramadan Shopping Tips

Ramadan is the month of blessings for which Muslims around the world make special arrangements and preparations. However, this Ramadan could be different from all previous Ramadans as most of us now are living under quarantine. 

So, have you thought about Ramadan preparations in the age of Covid-19? 

The following tips will help you shop smartly and safely for Ramadan 2020.

1. Create a shopping list based on your meals, and stick to your list

Buy only what you need for the holy month. And bear in mind that we always tend to buy more than our actual needs.

2. Set a budget and exclude extras 

Prepare your shopping list according to the budget you have set for Ramadan. Stick to your list and don’t add any extra items.

3. Limit the number of people going to the store.

Not everyone in your home needs to go to the grocery store. Only one person can go shopping to limit the number of people in streets and shops and to follow the recommendations of social distancing.

4. Arm yourself

Don’t get out of your house without putting the face mask . Masks have helped reduce contagion by reducing droplets being sprayed into the air by the wearer. Use hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol when you’re on the go.

5. Get your groceries delivered, if possible

Skip the store and order your groceries online. Shopping online has 3 benefits:

1.  It helps in social distancing.

2. It gives us chance to plan better.

3. It prevents some panic or impulse buying.

6. Home made meals

Don’t go for fast food as this will badly affect your health and budget. Home-made meals are way better in terms of health issues and money saving.