Prophet Muhammad’s Writing Contest – Winners & Top 5 Entries

We all strive to have our own deep connection with Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings upon him).

So, during the Hijri month of Rabi ul Awal, marking the birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), we ran a writing competition on Facebook where we asked our readers to express how they feel about the Prophet (pbuh).

Reacting to the question: “What Does Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Mean to You?”, many heartfelt and inspirational responses gushed forth.

We have already announced the three winners on Facebook. Check them out!

Below are 5 favorite responses picked to share with you:

1. The Perfect Human

“The name Muhammad means ‘the praised one’. Therefore, the prophet’s name is as much a title that describes the prophet’s qualities, as it is a name that identifies the prophet (PBUH) as an individual. Any noble quality one can imagine, the prophet (PBUH) possessed. He is divinely protected; he is the seal of all prophets (AS) . He is ALLAH’S obedient slave ; he is the chosen one from Allah’s created beings; and he is Allah’s khaleel— a khaleel is more than a friend ; it denotes the highest level of friendship and love.

Therefore he is certainly deemed one who is worthy of being commended by Allah. And he (PBUH) is deemed worthy of praise by people, for he is near to their hearts, merciful towards them, and blessed no matter where he is.

He is worthy of praise because his character became refined through revelation, and because his personality became polished through prophethood.

While writing about him (SAW), I cannot be unbiased. I am not, after all, writing about a ruler who had a large retinue of servants; who owned vast treasures of gold and silver; who would come before his people wearing a crown, an expensive robe, and priceless jewels. Such was the way of countless kings throughout history,

But it is not the way of the man that I write about. His wealth also was vast, but it was of the spiritual, and not of the material, kind. He was and continues to be source of constant blessings for mankind. A man whose mistakes Allah forgave, and whose name Allah elevated. A man who cried heavily for Allah’s mercy on mankind

He is Muhammad the Messenger of Allah (SAW). My Hero. My prophet.” – Mohammed Mohammed Kasimu 

2. The Example

“I truly can’t picture journeying through my life without having the greatest ethical map in the form of the pristine and profound teachings and example of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which timelessly aims to liberate us from the darkness of sins and injustice to the inextinguishable light of Islam’s complete and perfect way of life.

The unparalleled guidance and character of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) can be applied to every department of our human life, which is why I can be able to easily have a deep sense of tranquility, focus and direction in a world full of chaos, confusion and conjecture.

I gratefully strive to learn and enrichingly apply the teachings and practises of our beloved prophet in my imperfect life so that his words and illustrations on taqwa, leadership, peace, hope, religious tolerance, patience, generosity, justice and compassion can be mirrored in my worldview, words and actions.

May Allah unite me and you all with our Rasul (PBUH) in the highest of the abodes in Jannah. Aamiin, Aamiin Ya Rabb ??” – Hassan Malik Mohamed

3. The Feminist

“Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) means more than anything in this world, I love him more than anyone . Indeed , He was sent to mankind for betterment. He was a feminist more than anyone . Improved women’s status by providing them rights in property, right to marry of choice, right to divorce, right to trade, live freely, cover for respect and dignity , right to be treated with love and kindness and the list goes on. What he did for women was the greatest blessing.” – Sabah Khurram

4. The Mirror

“He serves as a mirror upon which I look to act in all life. His life is exemplary to us.” – Abdoul-malik Bello Magwe

5. The Walking Quran

“Prophet Muhammad the leader of our Ummah. He is the walking Quran. He was forever grateful to Allah & would stand to pray to express his gratitude to such an extent that his feet used to get swollen. He is a mercy to mankind. On the day of judgement when Allah’s wrath will be on us,he will intercede for us for his ummat.

When he started calling people to Allah, he was offered all kinds of bounties & richness by the Quraish to stop him , but he declined it all. When he was asked by Allah to choose between richness & poverty, he choose to be among the miskeen (poor). On his final days, he was asked by Allah if he chose to stay with his ummat or to be with Allah, and he chose to go to Allah.” – Asma Khan

And you, dear readers, tell us: “What does the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mean to you?