20 Black Muslim Owned Businesses You’ll Want to Know

14. Al-Shams Apparel

Kim Shamsiddin is the founder and creative director of Al Shams Exceptional Islamic Apparel. Inspired by her global travels to Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean, Kim’s design aesthetic embodies sumptuous textiles, rich hues and a blend of textural elements.

Shamsiddin is born and bred in New York City. A Wall Street attorney and seasoned professional with over 15 years of corporate experience, she is an acute business acumen having honed her skills at top New York firms. 

15. Fit Muslimah

A Health and wellness consultancy founded by Mubarakah Ibrahim. Mubarakah is a world-renowned nutrition and fitness expert who has an academic background in Exercise Science, Psychology and Public Health-Wellness.

She holds 13 certifications including certifications in Resistance Training, Female Specific Training, Core Specific Training, Mat Based Yoga & Pilates. In addition, she holds both certifications and academic based knowledge in Sports and Exercise Nutrition. 

16. The Mango Wordcraft

The Mango Wordcraft is a storytelling company run by Wardah Abbas, a freelance writer and journalist (and writer of this list). Wardah writes mostly about Gender, Culture and social issues.

Mango Wordcraft’s focus is the newest scientific research regarding living a satisfying life. She is especially interested in looking at which new trends are legitimate and which are not.

She also writes biographies, white papers, book and product reviews and brand storytelling.

17. Amira Rahim Art

Amira teaches artists-in-hiding how to unleash their creative potential so they can make a full-time income doing what they love.

If you’ve invested thousands of dollars in art school or other courses, but you still aren’t making enough money trying to sell your art, the truth is there’s probably something missing. Amira helps you to make more sale from your creative work.

18. Basbaas Sauce

Founded by Hawa Hassan, Basbaas is the only authentic, packaged Somali line of hot sauces and chutneys currently available in the United States.

Designed to perfectly complement Middle Eastern-inspired spicy chutneys and other ethnic sauces, Basbaas is hand-crafted in small batches, and bottled and sourced in Stuyvesant Falls, Hudson Valley. The products are all-natural, locally sourced, gluten-free and vegan.

Basbaas is a trip to Africa carried by condiments.

19. Safs Cake Couture

A UK-based Cake company that produces freshly baked cakes with lots of love and cream. Safs is a place where taste and flavour meets. Their bakers put in so much work with the goal that the portion of cake you purchase toward the beginning of the day is crisp out of the stove!

Their ideal blends and exact elements for chocolate cakes, red velvet, hazelnuts, and sweets give a magnificent taste.

20. Forever Modest

Forever Modest is a fashion brand that carefully curates a selection of high-quality hijabs and scarves for the modern Muslim woman. They have a message for every Muslim woman; Don’t change to fit the fashion, change the fashion to fit you.

*Featured image via Saudah Saleem Interiors.

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